In May of 2014, Joshua Judson hosted the first ever Poetry Is Dead Good at the Malt Cross in Nottingham. After trying out a number of venues in the city, Jamcafé in Hockley, the bustling Creative Quarter of Nottingham, became PIDG’s spiritual home.

In its 3 years of operation, Poetry Is Dead Good has played host to some of the most exciting poets in the UK, with a focus on showcasing the Midlands in particular. Previous headliners at Poetry Is Dead Good Nottingham include John Berkavitch, Maria Ferguson, Toby Campion, Jasmine Gardosi and Antosh Wojcik.

In 2015, Joshua organised and hosted the first ever Midlands-wide poetry slam competition, the Mix It Up Midlands Slam. With heats in Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and Birmingham, the slam brought together poets and their respective scenes together in a way that had not been done previously. The Grand Final, hosted at Nottingham Arts Theatre, was won by Jasmine Gardosi.

In 2016, a one-off London edition of Poetry Is Dead Good was held at Cafe 1001 off Brick Lane, headlined by Dean Atta.

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