Workshop Facilitator

As a facilitator, Josh is committed to both enabling and challenging his participants. By setting up a safe environment in which participants feel free to share work without fear of judgement or ridicule, Josh then draws from a breadth of exercises and activities with a view to helping the participants surprise themselves by writing poems they didn’t know they had in them.

Josh has delivered workshops for and with partners such as Mouthy Poets, Barbican, St. Mungo’s and Dialogue Festival.

‘Before Josh’s workshop I never considered writing poetry at all. Now I love writing it, but also listening to other poets, and being a part of that community. It really opened up a whole new set of opportunities for me.’

– a participant, 2016

Bilborough Poetry Collective

In December 2016, Josh was invited to deliver two Spoken Word Masterclasses at his alma mater, Bilborough College in Nottingham. After the success of these initial sessions, he was invited to help set up and sustain Bilborough Poetry Collective. A group of students who meet weekly to write together and give support and feedback on each other’s work.
Working remotely from London, Josh plans the weekly session which is then delivered by two ‘Coordinators’ under his direction. Through a system of communication and feedback, he is able to keep tabs on what is working and can react to the needs of the group.

‘Josh’s workshops are a fantastic tool for the recognition and appreciation of styles of poetry i’d never seen before. He has really taught me the importance of form, something i’d never even considered as crucial before. Most importantly, he provided a great starting point and support system that allowed us to set up our own Collective within the college.’

-A Member of Bilborough Poetry Collective

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